CalArts’ Graphic Design Program Exhibition

Exhibit Design
Identity Design
Furniture Design

In the initial stages of brainstorming, inspiration was drawn from a book titled This is Me, Full Stop by Caz Hildebrand and Philip Cowell, which heavily plays with metaphor and punctuation. Punctuation is a rich typographic method of communication–even the most subtle comma or period can symbolize a larger meaning. We focused on the forgotten nuances of punctuation, and used them in isolation to bring attention to their form and metaphorical power. One of the priorities was not only organizing a show that looked good, but that had a narrative weaved in throughout. We wanted viewers to be imbued with a sense of story. The idea of an epilogue first came to mind, as the show is a culmination of the CalArts school year. However, after much rumination, we started seeing the show as less of an ending and more of a beginning. The show isn’t an epilogue, it’s a prologue. As graduating students leave, their stories don’t end, they just turn the page to a new chapter. The end of their time at CalArts signifies the commencement for a new story.

Adobe Awards 2019

Advisor: The Happening Studio
Project Manager: Oliver Ahn
CD & AD: Oliver Ahn
Typography: Jaimey Shapey
Curation: Yuchen Liu
3D Elements: Joon Kim