Streamlining Homes with Pets

Identity Design

PAU is a modular furniture company that focuses on streamlining the at-home lifestyle between people and their pets, giving attention to making life with our four-legged friends more comfortable, playful, and harmonious. Focusing on health and accessibility, ease-of-use and comfort, the PAU philosophy promotes a harmonious balance between the lifestyles of people and their pets. Creating the brand from scratch, the identity had to reflect PAU’s philosophy. To achieve this visually, I designed a raw and monolithic typographic logo, whose 3 letters were drawn on the basis of an identical shape, PAU’s modular line of furniture. The mark grew from a playful smiley face drawn from the modular furnishings, carefully balancing the goofy character of pets with minimal and simplistic modularity. A full brand guide and identity manual were developed.